Silly points

Some movies i have enjoyed watching. i just list them here. will probably write reviews later; this is in totally random order;

1.the bicycle thief (italian) (this is an italian neorealistic movie from the late 1940’s; a classic)

2.the loves of a blonde (a milos forman classic in czech  a “new wave” movie of the 1970’s)

3. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

4.american beauty

5.fight club


7. matchstick men

8.grounhog day

9.the big lebowski

10.field of dreams

11.october sky flew over a cuckoo’s nest

13.patch adams

14.finding nemo

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Two great quotes

Silly points

the first one from Max Planck:

“For no man is born with a legal claim to happiness, success and prosperity in life. We must
therefore accept every favourable decision of Providence, each single hour of happiness, as an
unearned gift, one that imposes an obligation. The only thing that we may claim for our own
with absolute assurance, the greatest good that no power in the world can take from us, and that
can give us more permanent happiness than anything else, is integrity of soul, which manifests
itself in a conscientious performance of one’s duty.”

the second one from the Dhammapada, which is such a wonderful book, containing nuggets of information:

Life seems easy for those who are shamelessly bold and self-assertive, crafty and cunning,sensuously selfish,wanton and impure,arrogant and insulting,rotting with corruption.

But Life seems difficult for those who peacefully strive for perfection, who free from self-seeking…

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Nice Review by Naila Moon for My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

Sherrill S. Cannon's Blog

See Art with your Heart See Art with your Heart

Naila Moon gave My Fingerpaint Masterpiece a “5 hand painted stars” rating – and even provided a video review.

Naila Moon Review

Here is the review she left on amazon

I initially reviewed this book via YouTube but I cannot add the link here which is unfortunate. (Hint, go look under her name on Goodreads and you will find it.)
So, what to say…
Ah, buy this book! Seriously! As I said in the title, it is worth every penny and ounces of paint you can find.
I loved this book. The whole book is written in rhyme. So often books attempting rhyme falls flat but not Sherrill Cannon’s book. Her use of imagery is fantastic. To add to the already adorable-ness of this book are the illustrations. The brightness and realness of them is by far worth it all.

I particularly loved the…

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Real-Time Marketing

The term real-time marketing is heard in all advertising circles.  Is it necessary to message in real-time or near real time? What does Real-Time Marketing mean? Real Time Marketing is using data analytics with a process flow to shift marketing messaging in real time or near real time.  Isn’t Real-Time Marketing simply marketing?